Latin Breviary Noted

This edition includes all the text of the Breviarium 1531 and the Antiphonale 1519-1520.
This edition includes all the music of the Antiphonale 1519-1520 and the Antiphonale Sarisburiense facsimile, 1901.
Supplementary text and music has been added where appropriate from other sources, such as other printed breviaries and hymnals, The Use of Sarum (1898-1901), BL Add. MS. 52359, and the ‘Penpont’ Antiphonale (National Library of Wales MS. 20541 E).
This edition also includes all the annotations found in Breviarium ad usum Sarum (3 vols., 1879, 1882, 1886).

Front Matter
Toni Communes