EPA-08 Friday Matins-Lauds

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Invit. The Lord our Maker [:]
H Thou Trinity in Unity [1:49]
A1 Sing we merrily; Ps 81 Sing we merrily [2:43]
Ps 82 God standeth; A Sing we merrily [1:39]
(A1 Sing we merrily) [:09]
A2 Thou only art the most Highest; Ps 83 Hold not thy tongue [3:06]
Ps 84 O how amiable; A Thou only art the most Highest [2:39]
(A2 Thou only art the most Highest) [:]
A3 Lord, thou art become; Ps 85 Lord, thou art become gracious [2:10]
Ps 86 Bow down thine ear; A Lord, thou art become [:]
(A3 Lord, thou art become) [:11]
A4 Her foundations; Ps 87 Her foundations [1:12]
Ps 88 O Lord God of my salvation; A Her foundations [:]
(A4 Her foundations) [:08]
A5 Praised be; Ps 89 My song shall be alway [:]
Ps 94 O Lord God; A Praised be the Lord [4:01]
(A5 Praised be the Lord) [:09]
A6 O sing unto the Lord; Ps 96 O come, let us sing [:]
Ps 97 O sing unto the Lord; A O sing unto the Lord [:]
(A6 O sing unto the Lord) [:18]
V Let my prayer come before thee [:]

V Let thy merciful kindness [:]


A1 With thy free Spirit [:]
A2 For thy truth; Ps 143 Hear my prayer [:]
(A2 For thy truth) [:10]
 A3 Shew us, O Lord [:09]
A4 O Lord; Cant. O Lord, I have heard thy speech [:]
(A4 O Lord, I have heard) [:11]
A5 In cymbal and dance [:]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast [:]
H Eternal glory of the sky [1:41]
V Have I not thought upon thee [:]
A Through the tender mercy [:27]

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