EPB-19 Septuagesima

First Vespers
V. Praise be to thee
A The Lord God had planted

R1 In the beginning
R2 In the beginning
R3 Thus were finished
R4 And the Lord formed man
R5 The Lord god said : it is not good
R6 The Lord caused a deep sleep
R7 And the Lord took the man
R8 Behold, the man is become
R9 Where is Abel thy brother ?
R fer. When the Lord walked in the garden
R fer. In the sweat of thy face

A1 Have mercy upon me
A2 I will thank thee
A3 O God, thou art my God
A4 Blessed art thou in the firmament
A5 O praise the Lord of heaven
A The kingdom of heaven

A And when he had agreed

A Go ye also into the vineyard
R Be thou my succour

A Why stand ye here
R Thou art my hope, O Lord

A The head of the household
R From my secret faults

Ants. through the week
A Call the labourers
A But the goodman of the house said
A Friend, I do thee no wrong
A Take that is thine
A is it not lawful
A The first shall be last
A So shall the last be first
A For many are called