ESB-04 Third Sunday of Advent, Third Week of Advent

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First Vespers
A. Before me there was not God [:38]

Invit. Behold, now cometh [:39]
R. Behold, the Lord shall appear [1:48]
R. Bethlehem, city of the most high God [2:41]
R. He that is to come [1:55]
R. Weep not, O Egypt [:]
R. Her time is near at hand [1:28]
R. The Lord shall come down [2:06]
R. Come, O Lord [1:19]
R. Let the mountains break forth [1:32]
R. Behold, the root of Jesse [2:20]

A. The Lord will come [:26]
A. Jerusalem, rejoice [:]
A. I will give my salvation [:21]
A. The mountains and all the hills [:31]
A. Let us live just and godly lives [:25]
A. Now when John had heard [:42]

Second Vespers
A. Go ye to John and say [:]

A. Behold, the Lord shall come [:20]
A. When the Son of man cometh [:15]
A. Behold, now shall come [:20]
A. You shall draw water [:16]
A. The Lord will come [:23]
A. There shall come forth [:45]

A. Awake, awake [:34]

A. Behold, our Lord shall come [:18]
A. Send forth, O Lord [:19]
A. That we may know [:17]
A. Reward them, O Lord [:17]
A. The law was given [:26]
A. Thou, Bethlehem [:36]

A. Let the mountains break forth [:30]

Wednesday in the Four Seasons
Invit. The Lord is nigh [:20]
R. Cry out with strength [2:06]
R. A star shall rise [1:42]
R. The Lord shall go forth [:]

A. Drop down dew [:23]
A. The people did proclaim [:]
A. The Spirit of the Lord [:]
A. Behold, the Lord cometh [:17]
A. Declare ye to the people [:]
A. The Angel Gabriel [:]

Second Vespers
A. How shall this be done [:]

A. From Sion shall come [:]
A. Turn again, O Lord [:]
A. From Sion he shall come [:]
A. Behold our God [:]
A. The Lord is our lawgiver [:]
A. Be ye vigilant [:]

Second Vespers
A. Rejoice with Jerusalem [:]

Friday in the Four Seasons
Invit. The Lord is nigh at hand [:19]
R. For us the Forerunner [1:51]
R. Soon shall he come [1:10]
R. The Gentiles shall see [2:15]

A. Stand ye still [:15]
A. To thee, O Lord [:]
A. Come, O Lord [:16]
A. God shall come [:16]
A. But I will look towards the Lord [:25]
A. From which as soon as the voice [:35]

Saturday in the Four Seasons
R. Send forth, O Lord [1:32]
R. The fields of the desert [1:21]
R. The root of Jesse [2:20]

A. The Lord shall come [:]
A. Consider how great [:]
A. Thy messenger shall come again [:]
A. As the rain [:]
A. Be thou ready [:]
A. Every valley shall be filled [:]

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