EPA-07 Thursday Matins-Lauds

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Invit. Let us worship the Lord [:]
H As night with darksome folds unfurled [1:42]
A1 Haste thee; Ps 69 Save me, O God [:]
Ps 70 Haste thee, O God; A Haste thee, O Lord God [:]
(A1 Haste thee, O Lord God) [:09]
A2 Be thou; Ps 71 In thee, O Lord [:]
Ps 72 Give the King thy judgements; A Be thou unto me [:]
(A2 Be thou unto me) [:11]
A3 Thou hast delivered; Ps 73 Truly God is loving [:]
Ps 74 O God, wherefore art thou; A Thou hast delivered [:]
(A3 Thou hast delivered) [:11]
A4 His Name; Ps 75 Unto thee, O God [:]
Ps 76 In Jewry is god known; A His Name is great [:]
(A4 His Name is great) [:09]
A5 Thou art; Ps 77 I will cry unto God [:]
Ps 78 Hear my law; A Thou art the God [:]
(A5 Thou art the God) [:08]
A6 Be merciful; Ps 79 O God, the heathen [:]
Ps 80 Hear, O thou Shepherd; A Be merciful unto our sins [:]
(A6 Be merciful unto our sins) [:19]
V My lips shall greatly rejoice [:]

V Let thy merciful kindness [:]


A1 Against thee only [:14]
A2 Lord, thou hast been our refuge; Ps 90 Lord, thou hast been [:]
(A2 Lord, thou hast been our refuge) [:08]
A3 Have I not thought [:]
A4 The Lord shall reign; Cant. I will sing unto the Lord [:]
(A4 The Lord shall reign) [:09]
A5 In his sanctuary [:16]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast
H Lo ! golden light rekindles day [1:29]
V Have I not thought upon thee [:]
A In holiness let us serve the Lord [:25]

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