EPA-05 Tuesday Matins-Lauds

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Invit. Let us heartily rejoice [:10]
H Thou Light of light [:]
 A1 That I offend not; Ps 39 I said, I will take heed [3:08]
Ps 40 I waited patiently; A That I offend not [4:53]
(A1 That I offend not) [:07]
A2 Heal my soul, O Lord; Ps 41 Blessed is he [:]
Ps 42 Like as the hart; A Heal my soul, O Lord [:]
(A2 Heal my soul, O Lord) [:11]
A3 My heart; Ps 44 We have heard [5:12]
Ps 45 My heart is inditing; A My heart is inditing [:]
(A3 My heart is inditing) [:09]
A4 A very present help; Ps 46 God is our hope [2:19]
Ps 47 O clap your hands; A A very present help [2:13]
(A4 A very present help) [:06]
A5 Ponder it with your ears; Ps 48 Great is the Lord [2:42]
Ps 49 O hear ye this; A Ponder it with your ears [4:23]
(A5 Ponder it with your ears) [:09]
A6 The Lord; Ps 50 The Lord, even the most high God [4:48]
Ps 52 Why boastest thou; A The Lord, even the most high God [:]
(A6 The Lord, even the most high God) [:18]
V Offer unto God thanksgiving [:11]

V Let thy merciful kindness [:]

A1 After thy great goodness [:10]
A2 The help; Ps 43 Give sentence with me [1:59]
(A2 The help of my countenance) [:09]
A3 Early will I seek thee [:]
A4 All the days; Cant. Song of Hezekiah [:]

(A4 All the days) [:10]
A5 O praise God in he highest [:15]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast [:]
H The winged herald of the day [1:31]
V Have I not thought [:]
A The Lord hath raised up [:26]

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