Recordings of the Sarum Chant in mp3 format are being added as they become available, beginning in 2013. It may be found convenient to download a series of files and then have them play sequentially through a play-list.

Antiphons and Psalms in Mode II are usually transposed to a G finalis; Antiphons and Psalms in Modes III, V and VII are usually transposed to a D finalis; Antiphons and Psalms in Mode VIII are usually tranposed to an F finalis.  Transposed Mode IV Antiphons and Psalms are usually transposed to an E finalis.

These recordings use the standardized Latin pronunciation, as described in the Liber Usualis, for example. They are not intended to represent medieval Latin pronunciation in England.

Instances may be found in the English recordings in which the sung text is different from the printed edition.  In such cases the printed text will have been revised after a recording was made; the recording may not yet have been updated.

Latin Breviary sound files

English Performing Breviary sound files

English Scholarly Breviary sound files

Latin Missal sound files

English Performing Missal sound files

English Scholarly Missal sound files