EPA-09 Saturday Matins-Lauds

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Invit. The Lord our God [:12]
H O God of mercy [1:40]
A1 For the Lord hath done; Ps 98 O sing unto the Lord [2:02]
Ps 99 the Lord is King; A For the Lord hath done [2:18]
(A1 For the Lord hath done) [:]
A2 O be joyful; Ps 100 O be joyful [1:07]
Ps 101 My song shall be of mercy; A O be joyful [2:41]
(A2 O be joyful) [:]
A3 Let my crying; Ps 102 Hear my prayer [5:26]
Ps 103 Praise the Lord; A Let my crying [4:36]
(A3 let my crying) [:]
A4 Praise the Lord; Ps 104 Praise the Lord [:]
Ps 105 O give thanks unto the Lord; A Praise the Lord [:]
(A4 Praise the Lord) [:]
A5 Visit us; Ps 106 O give thanks unto the Lord [:]
Ps 107 O give thanks unto the Lord; A Visit us [:]
(A5 Visit us) [:]
A6 I will give; Ps 108 O God, my heart is ready [:]
Ps 109 Hold not thy tongue; A I will give [:]
(A6 I will give) [:]
V Hear my prayer [:11]

V Let thy merciful kindness [:]

A1 Be favourable, O Lord [:]
A2 It is a good thing; Ps 92 It is a good thing [:]
(A2 It is a good thing) [:]
A3 All the ends of the world [:10]
A4 And the Lord will; Cant. Give ear, O ye heavens [:]
(A4 And the Lord will) [:]
A5 Upon the well-tuned cymbals [:20]
Chap. Watch ye, stand fast [:16]
H The dawn is sprinkling in the east [1:10]
V Have I not thought upon thee [:14]
A Into the way of peace [:20]

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