ESA-05 Tuesday Matins Lauds

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Invit. Let us joyfully sing [:]
H Thou comfort of thy Father’s throne [:]
A1 That I sin not; Ps 38 I said, I will take heed [:]
Ps 39 With expectation; A That I sin not [:]
(A1 That I sin not) [:]
A2 Heal my soul, O Lord; Ps 40 Blessed is he [:]
Ps 41 As the hart panteth; A Heal my soul, O Lord [:]
(A2 Heal my soul, O Lord) [:11]
A3 My heart; Ps 43 We have heard [:]
Ps 44 My heart hath uttered; A My heart hath uttered [:]
(A3 My heart is inditing) [:]
A4 A helper; Ps 45 Our God is our refuge [:]
Ps 46 O clap your hands; A A helper in troubles [:]
(A4 A helper in troubles) [:]
A5 Give ear; Ps 47 Great is the Lord [:]
Ps 48 Hear these things; A Give ear, ye inhabitants [:]
(A5 Give ear, ye inhabitants) [:]
A6 The God of Gods; Ps 49 The God of gods [:]
Ps 51 Why dost thou glory; A The God of gods [:]
(A6 The God of gods) [:]
V Offer to God the sacrifice [:]

V Let thy mercy, O Lord [:]


A1 According to thy great mercy [:]
A2 The salvation; Ps 42 Judge me, O God [:]
A3 To thee do I watch [:]
A4 All the days; Cant. Song of Hezekiah [:]
A5 In the high places [:]
H Day’s herald bird, with descant clear [:]
A The Lord hath raised up [:]

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